Monday, August 9, 2010

It Is Time

It is time to get back to Blogland, I have been absent due to a new town, new home, new studio,new weather, T.V. channels, Medical Doctors and shopping centers. This has been my life for the last few months, CHAOS. Chaos was a simple word, there are many words to describe this venture. It had many emotions from this Seventy year old Senior and still emotional. Through all this, I did visit many of your Blogs. That is how I kept sane, relaxed and took deep breaths. In the home I left behind, I truly missed my gardens. They were so peaceful and brought me hands on pleasure. I knew the first thing to do was plant, create a blissful place, and let roots take hold before Winter season.

I, too, need to place roots and will share the adventure in future blogs. I, generally have my blogs different the pictures and writings, but this is a time that calls for the same clarity. This is where I am, still in sunny California. Please return and visit me soon. Enjoy your Summer.

Blessings, Brook